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Arzel® Zoning


Are you Comfortable in every room of your house???
Actually room temperatures change from 12-15 degrees in most homes, and is costing  you money.

The Arzel® System can save you money and keep  you warm in the winter and cool and the summer in every room of your house.  Your  home has many room, so why not every room have its own comfort zone. Well Now You Can! With a flip of a switch or the turn of a dial you can make your room in your home as comfortable as you please.

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Arzel Comfort System



The Talking Thermostat

The Talking Thermostat

EZ Talk Thru Instructions Call for service Alert Compressor Protection

Easily adjust the comfort level in your home, day and night, summer and winter without EVER having to hunt for the programming manual. Clear, concise voice instructions guide you through each step of the way. If you need your glasses to read your thermostat, just push a button and hear the actual and programmed air temperature. Handy in dark hallways, at night, and especially helpful for sight impaired folks.

Improper maintenance can rob you of valuable energy dollars, leave minor system problems undiagnosed, and lead to more serious conditions that could cost thousands in repair. Just like the service light in your car, the Talking Thermostat automatically displays a “CFS” signal when your heating and cooling operation reaches a required service level. Like the Filter Alert, the Call For Service is custom programmed into your thermostat.

A built-in time delay prevents “short cycling” damage to your most expensive system component … the compressor. This Time Guard system waits a few minutes before stopping and starting your air conditioning equipment or heat pump. It's that constant starting and stopping that causes most damage to expensive HVAC systems. Keep your investment protected and it will give you many years of reliable service.

Filter Alert Freeze Protection

A friendly alert reminds you to change your system filter. Dirty air filters not only harm your heating and cooling system, they can trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks. Dirty filters also can increase your monthly utility bills. The Talking Thermostat can be custom programmed to remind you when to change your filter.

If you’re not home and the weather turns cold, without having your thermostat set to “heat”, your pipes could freeze and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The Talking Thermostat automatically signals the furnace for heat if the inside temperature hits 40 degrees, protecting your home even when you’re not there


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