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Air ducts can harbor mold, dust mites, bacteria, fungi and other pollutants.

Air ducts can harbor mold, dust mites, bacteria, fungi and other pollutants

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Keep your Air Clean All the Time with Nature's Home®

MicroPower Guard® Filter

An active electromagnetic field within the media magnetizes airborne particles and traps them on a disposable filter pad. Easy to maintain and cost effective

OxyQuantum LED

Easily adjustable twin germicidal and ozone (UVC and UVV) light for larger homes that reduces or controls germs and toxic gasses

MicroGuardian AirScrubber III
The ultimate UVC and UVV duct-mounted air purification device that is horizontally mounted in ductwork so air flows through.



We offer Filters to keep your home cleaner and allergy free.

FantasticFilter from Fusion™: Fusion filters found that by folding or 'pleating' filter media they could increase the particle capturing surface area by as much as 700%! Deeper filters, even with the same number of folds, increase the capturing area and efficiency proportionately.  The antimicrobial pleated media of  patented FantasticFilter consists of a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers offering high dust-holding capacity and high efficiency in a compact 1" thickness. A layer of activated and impregnated carbon matrix is mechanically attached to the pleated media providing odor and toxic compound removal from the air in your home. This filter is enclosed in a rigid, high wet strength fiber board.

ElectroSept™ Air Cleaner. A step up in the Fusion line, the ElectroSept air cleaner was literally engineered to last a lifetime! Uniquely designed to harness nature's own static electricity, the ElectroSept involves a combination of space age static prone polymer material that provide a 6-stage air cleaning process. The friction of air passing through these materials creates a permanent static charge, positive or negative. Entering particles collide with the electrostatic grid where they are attracted by magnetic forces, slowed and trapped. The filter also incorporates a tubular weave of electrostatic media on its prefilter side. This creates negatively charged pleated chambers which trap small dust particles in combination, the two charged chamber deliver a high air cleaning efficiency.

PowerSept™ Air Purifier. Taking another step in the Fusion line, the PowerSept air purifier is also engineered to last a lifetime. Front and back grounded outer filter screen encase disposable collector pads on either side of the high voltage center screen. A 21-volt AC adapter with standard household current provides a high electrostatic force field.

MicroDynamic™ Air Scrubber. The MicroDynamic Air Scrubber is Fusion filters patented  top of the line air cleaner. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) design similar to the filters used in hospitals, clean rooms and microchip manufacturing plants, the 95% of all microorganisms 0.3 microns in size. It can clear your air of most allergenic particles, infectious agents and toxic compounds. Larger particles are captured in the polyethylene prefilter. An activated and impregnated carbon matrix filter removes odors and toxic compounds. And antimicrobial treated filter media with up to 600 square feet of pleated capturing surface area provides the High 99.2% efficiency.

            Come into our showroom and let us show you how you can live a cleaner life style.

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